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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Santa Ana! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Santa Ana, CA. While we provide the very best animal control service in the area, what separates us from the rest starts with the exceptional rodent removal and control service we provide. We know how much of a nuisance squirrels, rats, mice, and other rodents can be. They can cause serious damage to your home or business, and you need an expert who is not only able to remove these animals, but to locate where they are getting into your building. This allows us to provide professional grade repairs so that you will not have an issue with these rodents getting back inside your home or business. We are able to capture and remove even large colonies of rats. No job is too big or small for us.
We have an expert team of technicians who are trained in the latest, state-of-the-art techniques to capture and remove rodents. In addition, we also can handle virtually any wildlife problem you may have. It doesn't matter what kind of reptile, mammal, or bird is causing a problem at your house or business, we will take care of them for you.
Our expert team of technicians is available 24 hours a day to assist you. We know that these animals don't take the night off, and so neither do we. Contact us today with any questions you may have.
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Santa Ana Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: California Groundhog Infestations and Do Ultrasonic Devices Work to Prevent Them?

A device that can deter the destructive nature of California groundhog by simply plugging them in your electrical outlet seems to be a convenient solution. This is the concept behind the ultrasonic machine deterrents. According to the manufacturers, it will only take a few weeks before all the insects and pests in your house will disappear. Unfortunately, there are no studies that exist that will prove that this method will actually work. 

The Theory of the Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices will release a high pitch sound wave that is beyond the hearing capacity of human. However, some wildlife creatures have a higher hearing capacity that allows them to hear these sounds. Based on the theory, the sound that it will emit will disturb the senses of the groundhog s. This may prevent them from building their burrows within your property. Sadly, this is basically a theory. In reality, animals have the capacity to adapt to the noise that it produces. 

The Study on Ultrasonic Device

In a study that was performed in a controlled Santa Ana environment, the ultrasonic sounds showed a substantial effect in some species. It can cause seizures and increase their body temperature to the critical level. However, this type of environment will be impossible to replicate in real-life situations. This is because of the fact that the wildlife creatures such as groundhogs have varied natures. 

There are also Californiaresearchers that have used a higher quality of ultrasonic machines. It has been proven to disrupt the natural habits of the animals. However, these advanced ultrasonic machines are hundred folds better compared to the ultrasonic pest repellents sold in the market. The devices available today will not be able to emit the intricate sound pattern that it emits. This means that while the concept is valid, the technology that will allow us to harness that power is still not available.

Limited Study 

Apart from that, the Santa Ana study conducted to prove the efficacy of the ultrasonic deterrent machines is relatively limited. The situation also lacks a complete control. While there are some instances that the pest shows reaction, it is highly impossible to tell if this was caused by the ultrasonic device. This is why most researches will advice you not to invest your money on these devices. However, this will not stop the manufacturers from selling these devices since there is an active market for it. 

Ultrasonic devices are expensive and you don't want to invest your hard-earned California money on a solution that doesn't work. Even on the off chance that it will emit a sound, reports showed that the sound that it emit will substantially decrease if there are barriers. Since there are too many walls in your house that serve as a barrier, using this device will simply be a waste of money. Choose a solution that will work effectively against groundhog. Hire the service of the groundhog removal expert that will not only solve the symptom of infestation but will deal with the root cause of your issue.