Best and Safest Ways to Get Bats Out of Your California Attic!

Most Santa Ana homeowners will prefer to perform the DIY removal method since they are afraid about the expenses that they may incur. Nonetheless, eviction of the bats may be more complex than what you originally expected. Even the experts can find the whole process troublesome in certain instances. Usually, removal can only be effectively done through the live exclusion. This is an excellent method to use when there is a bat infestation in your attic.

Things to Consider When Getting the Bats Out of the Attic

Remember that when performing California bat removal, this creature is protected under the state and the federal law. In case you plan to use firearms, prepare to be embroiled in a legal mess. There is a high possibility that the authorities will pay you a visit. You should only use the humane method since it is required under the law. 

Step-by-Step Guide in Removing the Bats

The process will start by observing the movement of the Santa Ana bats for a few days. Since they are nocturnal creatures, the best time to check them is after dusk. This will help you determine the possible entry points that the bats are using. You should also look at your attic to find out how severe the infestation is. Usually, the amount of guano found in your attic can indicate the number of bats that belong in the colony. If you are confident that you can complete the task on your own, follow the steps that we will provide below. However, if you lack the vital knowledge and experience, you can put yourself in dangers if you commit a slight mistake. 

  • Seal the Entry Points- Once you identified all the entry points that the bats are using, it is time to seal all of them. You may use wire mesh, hardware cloth, caulk, or woods when sealing them. You also need to repair the damaged part of the walls. Any gaps that have diameter of 1/2 inch should be sealed completely. Leave the main entry point open.
  • Install the Bat Cones- Install the bat cones or your exclusion device on the main entry point. You will need to leave it for at least a week or two. In case you managed to remove all the bats inside, you should not carelessly remove the exclusion device.
  • Observe- Getting rid of the California bats requires patience and dedication. You will have to observe for a few days to guarantee that your house is free from infestation. One way to do this is to look for new droppings. This can be a sign of an active infestation. 

  • When looking for the main entry point of the California bats, it is possible that the bats will utilize multiple holes and gaps to leave your house. The presence of the droppings in the hole can help you determine the entry points that they are using. There should also be rub marks around the holes that came from the oil that is released through the body of the bats.  

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