Which Repellents Work the Best Against Santa Ana Pigeons??

Pigeons have become fully dependent to human which is why they are sometimes considered nuisance Santa Ana animals. They may not have a destructive nature but they can carry at least 60 types of zoonotic diseases that can be transferred to human. If you want to keep your loved ones safe, you should look for ways on how you can deter their presence. Some homeowners believe that using mothballs and ammonia can help drive away the pigeons. Unfortunately, according to the study, these repellents will not be effective against pigeons. In addition, they can also have detrimental effects on our health and environment.

Mothballs are Not Effective against Pigeons

Mothballs contain an active ingredient called naphthalene or paradicholorobenzene. These are commonly used California chemicals but they are considered carcinogenic. In fact, based on the reports of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), they are toxic, persistent, and bioaccumulative products. These products won't disintegrate immediately. They will not metabolize and they also have an adverse effect on health and environment. 

Naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene can penetrate the human system through inhalation. Direct contact through our skin can also hasten the transmission of the chemical. Individuals that will be exposed to a substantial amount of this chemical can experience severe damage on their red blood cells. Some of the symptoms of poisoning will include pale skin, restlessness, poor appetite, and fatigue. Being exposed to a high amount of chemical can lead to blood in your urine, vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. If a pregnant woman inhaled a considerable amount of these chemicals, this can affect the development of the fetus. Unborn babies have been considered as highly vulnerable to the toxic chemicals.

This product started as a repellent against moths and roaches. Nowadays, it is widely used to repel even Santa Ana pigeons. However, according to science, this will not be enough to drive away the pigeon. Since they will not work against your pigeon infestation, you don't want to take the unnecessary risk.

Ammonia Are Ineffective Against Pigeons

Ammonia just like the mothballs is also a widely manufactured chemical. Using it for other purposes aside from the method instructed on the label is deemed illegal. It is an irritating gas that produces a suffocating odor. It is a highly corrosive product which is why you should avoid having a direct contact with it.

It is also not advisable to keep it in a California close bottle since it can explode when exposed to an extreme temperature. People can be exposed to the adverse effect of the ammonia when they inhaled it. Once we are exposed to this active chemical, it will quickly interact with our system that will lead to the formation of a mixture known as Ammonium Hydroxide. This has a necrosis effect on our tissue that will cause the destruction of cell membrane.

The adverse effect of the ammonia and mothballs are some of the reason why you shouldn't use them against Santa Ana pigeons. On top of that, they are also ineffective against wildlife infestation. You are wasting your time, efforts, and money and at the same time destroying your health.

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