All You Need to Know About California Snake Fences

Once you encounter a snake in your Santa Ana yard, there is probably something that is attracting their attention. Usually, it is recommended to ignore them and allow them to leave voluntarily. However, there are also some cases when they will find our property too conducive due to the accessible food and secured shelter. If you are worried about a possible snake invasion, then snake fence would be an ideal solution.

What is a Snake Fence?

Snake fence will act as a barrier for the California entry points that are too large to be used as an access point. There are others that will capture the snake in case it managed to enter the fence. There are also those that are intended for the smaller snake. This will be the best choice in case you want to keep all types of snakes at bay. Compared to the chemical repellents that will lead to a less-desirable result, snake fence is effective. It requires low level of maintenance and may last for years. Due to its design, the snake fence will not adversely affect the aesthetic appeal of your house. It will perfectly blend with your landscape. Installing them is too easy; you only need a hammer to complete the process.

Things You Should Know About Snake Fence

Compared to the other forms of barrier such as hardware cloth or wire mesh, you do not have to bury the Santa Ana snake fence deep in the ground. This is due to the flexible and pliable nature of the product. This highly conforms on the texture and structure of the soil. As opposed to the common materials that you are using as barrier, they will not leave gaps and spaces when you don't burry them. 

Instead of burying them, they will be simply be secured on the surface by fastening them using California ground staples. They should be fastened for every five feet to ensure that it will remain firm on the ground. The snake will also not be able to climb over the fence since it is made from flexible materials. Snake will normally climb rigid structure where they will feel safe. This is perhaps the most cost-efficient solution for snake infestation. They do not require re-application and it only need a small amount of maintenance.

How it Works

In case the California snake managed to enter the mesh, the fence will capture them. With the product's elasticity, it will expand until such time that the snake can no longer move. Once you successfully capture them, you should call your wildlife control agency that will relocate them. This barrier will not look solid that will discourage the snake to climb over. 

The Santa Ana snake bite can sometimes be serious, so it is best to keep them away from your property. Rather than investing your hard-earned money on chemical repellents and machine deterrents that does not work, you should consider installing the snake fence. They have been proven effective in controlling the snake activity in our houses.

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