How Effective Are Mothballs or Ammonia Against Santa Ana Raccoons?

When the winter comes the wildlife creatures will look for warm and dry place that can shelter them against the unforgiving weather. Raccoon is probably one of the most bothersome animals found in North America. They can raid our trashcans and destroy our garden. Once they made it inside our house, they can destroy our electrical wirings and insulation materials. Their body excrement may carry microorganisms that will transmit zoonotic diseases. 

Using Ammonia or Mothball to Repel Raccoon 

When deterring the activities of the Santa Ana raccoon, some people will use homemade ingredients. They are all natural and will not contain chemicals that pose an adverse effect to your health. There are also others who will use mothball and ammonia in repelling the activities of this creature. 


Using liquid ammonia will only be a temporary solution for your problem. Once the California creature learned that there are no predators present in your property, they will return to your house. In fact, the urine of the raccoon contains the scent of ammonia so it will not drive them away. Spraying or wiping the surface with liquid ammonia is not a clever thing to do. The scent will only dissipate. Perhaps the best method is to leave a bottle of ammonia open on your area. You should never put ammonia near your kids or pets. This contains hazardous compounds that are detrimental to health. In case a family member accidentally ingested this product, be sure to seek immediate medical help.


You probably heard from a friend that mothballs will be effective against nuisance creature. Some people will think that this is a natural compound just like your different home products. However, using mothballs will expose your pets and children to dangers. The shape of the mothballs can easily be mistaken for a candy and the kid may accidentally ingest them. It contains paradichlorobenzene and naphthalene that are extremely toxic. It can easily contaminate the groundwater and soil. This can harm the foliage in your garden.

Better Alternatives to Ammonia and Mothballs

There are various ways to get rid of the nuisance creature in your Santa Ana house without using ammonia and mothballs. You can avoid the hazards that come with it and stay away from using chemicals and poisons. Here are the safest ways to eliminate raccoons in your property.

  • Traps- Traps are effective ways to control the population of the raccoons. It is advisable to use the traps that allow you to capture the animal without injuring or harming them. 
  • Fence- Fencing is an effective deterrent against a range of California wildlife creatures. Be sure that it will be buried at least 6 inches below the ground to deter their digging habit.

  • There are various products that can be used to get rid of the raccoons in your California property. However, you need to make sure that it will not pose dangers to your health. Avoid using mothball and ammonia that will release toxic materials and choose the safer alternatives we mentioned above.

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